Wednesday, February 25, 2009

One Pisay Prom Night

By Jonni Fay C. Teves

Most outsiders would probably think that we Pisay scholars only have our academics to live for. In a way, they’re correct as most, if not all of us Pisay scholars believe that the academics are our foundation for a bright, secure future.

In the same passion, however, we make sure that we somehow enjoy what we do no matter how hard it is. After all, there is so much to celebrate about life. One of the most awaited and celebrated Pisay moments is the Prom.

We held our 2009 Juniors-Seniors (JS) Prom at the Apo View Hotel Grand Ballroom on February 6, 2009 with the Victorian era theme. Being a senior, that February 6 prom was my second and last prom experience. My day started late as I made sure I would have enough beauty rest to last me till midnight.

At thirty minutes past five in the afternoon, the grand ballroom of the hotel was blooming and brimming with Victorian knights and beauties. What a sight to behold! As I stepped out of the car and caught sight of the scene and scenery before me, I was transported to the magic, beauty and grandeur of the Victorian era of the great British empire. The Pisay ladies seemed to be so at ease in their Victorian-inspired gowns. Many gowns looked as if fireflies made their home there - - what with the glittering gems and beads embedded there.

When we had our class dance, I felt I swayed and moved to the royal dance of the era celebrating every victory snatched during the expansion of the British empire.

In that prom, we also witnessed the metamorphosis of Pisay boys into dashing, debonair, honorably- dressed grand knights. It was their moment, indeed! Many guys came with a new hair and face make-over. That occasion brought out the vain side, or rather, the light side of all of us.

But that was not only the moment for us students. For teachers and administrators also came in beautifully dresses and garbed, too. In a way, everybody came dressed-to-kill. We had a good time in a tete-a-tete with our mentors. It was magical to see the great professional divide between teachers and administrators on the one hand, and the students, on the other hand, being patched when they danced.

Well, even amidst the economic meltdown, life goes on and the reasons to celebrate come out in abundance. For example, we seniors found the prom to be the most fitting time to celebrate our forthcoming graduation. After all, we have weathered four years of academic storms, so to speak. That’s no mean feat!

By the way, the prom was the perfect time for the dance showdown among the six sections of the juniors and seniors at Pisay. The showdown showcased the dancing prowess of the students in the following areas:

3 –Sodium: Chachacha

3 –Lithium: Swing

3 –Calcium: Samba

4 –Proton: Boogie

4 –Electron: Mambo

4 –Neutron: Tango

And the winning teams were:

First place - 4-Proton: Boogie

Second place – 4-Electron: Mambo

Third place – 4-Neutron: Tango

Prom Queen: Mary Joyce Chiong; Prom King: Bart David Quibod


Most of us felt good to have danced to our wildest abandon during that night. The dance sort of unleashed the pressures and hardships of Pisay academic life and we were grateful that our mentors understood and were patient with us.

I can’t help but acknowledge the fact that while we danced and were transported in another time and space, many parents wait with mixed emotions - -until we were done and transported back in the present. We saw many of them looked at us with approving, admiring though sometimes disbelieving eyes. They seemed to exude that smile that says: My child has finally grown up.

To our parents, our gratitude for spending hard-earned bucks for our beautiful and impressive gowns and garbs. Above all, our profuse thanks for continually showing us the love and support in all steps of the way.

Happy Valentines!

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